the entire dictionary to prepare , came back with confidence
as an earthquake or fire to prepare . Be proactive to ensure
it. I want to go forward and prepare . Sources At the
, businesses will have time to prepare . The date of 1 April was
not been given enough time to prepare . This concern has been echoed
revaluation is expected to prepare Romania for adoption of the
lawyers and myself to prepare a new application to the Home
the crash and would prepare a report for the Coroner. In
into the incident and will prepare a report for the coroner.
is complete. Police will prepare a report for the coroner.
the IECI and Iraqi officials prepare and maintain the voters
for our soldiers as they prepare and wait for duty, as they
anything can quite fully prepare anyone for the nature of the
will be shown how to properly prepare dishes such as jhalmuri ( a
will be shown how to properly prepare dishes such as jhalmuri ( a
are continuing ( ), to prepare eventual sanctions outside
Interior said he had helped prepare explosives and had played a
in India how to safely prepare food for their customers to
California ‘s ability to prepare for, mitigate and respond to
service to allow residents to prepare for Flossie. About 116 people
, residents were urged to prepare for Glenda, which today was a
national mail drop; on how to prepare for a Avian Flu pandemic. It
not have enough time to prepare for a holiday 2006 launch.
says Canadians should prepare for a long mission to
is now the right time, as we prepare for a new Dáil session and
match as tough. Inter now prepare for a preliminary round match
important reforms to prepare for accession to the European
Australian authorities should prepare for an influx of asylum
redouble their efforts to prepare for bringing their birds
1,100 California high schools prepare for graduation ceremonies,
Yantan in Annui province to prepare for her wedding. Her family
a programme of formation to prepare for his reception into full
teams and beginning to prepare for its investigation of the
and the Arab peninsula, to prepare for long war again the
put together a legal team to prepare for possible international
do n’t see what you can do to prepare for something like that. If
New Caledonia is beginning to prepare for the 2011 South Pacific
heading to Yogyakarta to prepare for the Foreign Minister ‘s
campaign trail on Monday to prepare for the Leadership debate on
takes enormous efforts to prepare for the Olympics and build a
. We know how to train and prepare for the Tour, he says. If
bathurst. J PG|Protesters prepare for the arrival of Mr Howard
among their own people to prepare for the creation of a Jewish
, flipping its nose forward to prepare for the landing. As Discovery
we now need to refocus and prepare for the next month ‘s round
. Time is running out to prepare for the next pandemic
performed some tasks to prepare for the next spacewalk, which
are asked to bottle water and prepare for the outage. It is not
offices have been notified to prepare for the possibility of
be safe. We will continue to prepare for the prompt and orderly
, so we need more time to prepare for the runoff. However Mr.
had to report to work to prepare for the start of school next
on June 6 in order to prepare for the talks. The committee
or time after school to prepare for the test, she said. I
has been given extra time to prepare for the two week event, with
IT departments could prepare for the update. However on
US Dollars have been spent to prepare for the visit. Sources es
nuclear program. We have to prepare for the worst, and the worst
can recover their notes and prepare for their classes for when
Iranians are working hard to prepare for their own underground
administrators better prepare for this scenario in case it
government, which will help prepare health agencies for next year
did n’t have enough time to prepare if they were to play three
departments and places to prepare immediately so as to ensure
as they could not prepare in the allocated time.
that the time they have to prepare is usually when the team has
work positions I’ve held will prepare me for the Oval office.
army had been authorized to prepare military operations to disarm
a significant adverse impact, prepare or request an environmental
Times. We Chinese will prepare ourselves for the destruction
‘Exercise Hawthorn was to prepare people for a possible
the Iranian authorities to prepare public opinion for possible
irresponsible for us NOT to prepare some ideas, facts or comments
third-party companies that prepare tax returns and
installation and tasks to prepare the Station for the arrival
the raw ingredients used to prepare the chili. The restaurant ‘s
the Romanian currency and prepare the country for euro adoption
great country. And we have to prepare the country for the years to
the targets, collect money, prepare the equipment, plan with
antiviral medicine Tamiflu to prepare the global stockpile of the
ended, the meeting may prepare the ground for a permanent
government, will attempt to prepare the ground for institutional
implications. This move will prepare the groundwork for sanctions
HC ) to provide some time to prepare the plan to deal with the
the weekends to clean up and prepare the restaurant for breakfast,
. In the future, we may prepare the soil by pushing down on
in construction work to prepare the stadium for the 2008
people a fair opportunity to prepare their defence before the
two week extension to prepare their defense. Area
the NSW Rural Fire Service to prepare their properties for the
Carla J. J. Martin, to help prepare their testimony in the case.
working around the clock to prepare those papers, and we expect
around the clock to prepare to ask the State Supreme
70,000 mostly Iraqi citizens prepare to deploy into Baghdad to try
under indictment, while they prepare to file additional charges.
9,000 to 16,000 as they prepare to take over from US forces
Townsville. Nothing could prepare us for this, he said. The
. That incites people to prepare well and present to
neighborhoods.: Let ‘s be prepare with vision for the future. Q

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