that most readers of blog prefer honest opinion instead of
and it even shows ( or if you prefer , seamlessly activates )
, or whatever term you prefer . But it would be a novel
the type of items subjects prefer . Demonstrating for the first
the initial connection if you prefer . Once the router was turned
foreign controlled prices. I prefer 1 and 2 over the third option
Shankbone DS: What do you prefer : gossip columnist, journalist
. Late Policy Students seem to prefer a lateness coupon system,
, detailed and substantive. I prefer a ‘respect agenda to a
. Between church and state I prefer a complete separation. That
a full 12 months, and might prefer a couple of months off in the
, he stated. But we prefer a different approach which is
saying that 15 % of Americans prefer a government-managed economy.
New Mexico. Shuttle managers prefer a landing at Kennedy, but
health while others would prefer a more balanced approach to
, Prime Minister of NZ, all prefer a new stadium. The decision
the most. Many Iraqis would prefer a quick trial of the
on Tuesday. Russia and China prefer a six-week deadline and want
if you want to capitalize, I prefer all caps. Mixed case is my
to my sources, people prefer going to the Taliban for
Government which stadium they prefer has failed. The decision is
affiliate, WFOR, I would prefer he became a nice Jewish
from Java. Personally, I prefer it, but it has its quirks.
subsequent release, we much prefer it if they take them, but we
new material. Personally I prefer it that way because writing
end up ad libbing? So often I prefer just giving 5-10 minutes of
?: S une: Yeah, I probably prefer man made.: S harin: Are you
in colorDef. t xt. Would prefer multiple files. Wednesday,
I never liked those plates; I prefer my fish balls, you know,
nor anyone change that. I prefer my position as coach, adviser
‘s factions, said the rebels prefer negotiations but were
just conservatives who prefer not to ask questions
Windows 7 computer: If you ‘d prefer not to implement a preview
prior to landing. NASA would prefer not to use alternative sites
that while we would always prefer people buy a licence rather
convenience of readers who prefer reading short takes in their
action in 1987, and would prefer round-table discussions and
Oval Office, who would you prefer seeing taking the presidency?
Oval Office, whom would you prefer seeing taking the presidency?
Oval Office, who would you prefer seeing taking the presidency?
transients or offshore! ) who prefer sheltered water. According
innermost feelings? Do you prefer singing in Dutch over English
‘m sure that Alex Scott would prefer someone else. Both of these
what age and or gender they prefer such as boylove, girllove
economic conditions we would prefer that markets determine the
a financial centre? I ‘d much prefer the Government to drop their
65 % of UK citizens would prefer the funds be spent elsewhere.
eschew this simplicity and prefer the more complex code that
he preferred Subaru I prefer the rallies they allow more
them and they still seem to prefer the road than to the culverts
) of those polled would prefer the town to be in Scotland,
time favorite ( but I now prefer the veggie kind ) Elephant
that the insult was: I prefer the whore that is your sister
that jailed dissidents prefer their chains, or that women
of them, and would very much prefer they didn’t have it. So I
. While EPA staff seem to prefer this approach, believing that
are certainly those who would prefer to avoid talking about race,
being in the public eye and I prefer to be low key, Posner told
in September, that he would prefer to be remembered for what he
and faced execution, he would prefer to be shot rather than hanged
condemned to die, he would prefer to be shot rather than hanged
, or that people naturally prefer to be with their own kind.
in a few days for those who prefer to burn their own copies. The
with a ten foot pole. They prefer to buy fast ferries for
a work of fiction, I still prefer to curl up with a book as
something went wrong, others prefer to deny the evidences and
email newsletter, or as we prefer to describe it, they become
F. F. Brown or, as they now prefer to describe themselves, which
you could choose how you ‘d prefer to die?: S B: No, that’s– DS
choose, which war would you prefer to fight in, Iraq or
, you know? But I would more prefer to go ahead in time than back
to be successful and he ‘d prefer to have this trojan horse
events that the authorities prefer to keep secret, says The
and security rooms, so they prefer to leave, said Adi Eldar,
thousands of years people prefer to listen to fairy tales than
, England would prefer to live in Scotland. Located
wrong, and We would prefer to move forward and develop
and various other groups prefer to refer to it as disputed
state of affairs, and would prefer to return to work as a
is ugly, or ‘€˜Ogly’€™ as we prefer to say. Let’€™s be thankful
or professions would you prefer to see dominate the field of
energy technology would you prefer to see invested in most?
. may be different. No, I prefer to stay away from social
when the communities would prefer to stay independent from
why the plaintiffs would prefer to sue in America is that in
in the river there, they prefer to take from it an evening
when the majority of people prefer to use one predominantly. The
proprietary databases? We prefer to work with open source. As
things are happening. We prefer very strongly to base our

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