% to 35 %. According to the poll , 50 % of Americans do not
. Despite a recently conducted poll , 57 % of Britons believe that
to a Los Angeles Times exit poll , 7 in 10 voters said they
from a June 2004 Zogby poll , claiming to show a
made no difference. In this poll , slightly more people say the
their democratic rights. The poll , the first free elections in
the dubious nature of the poll , the voters gave 100 per cent
Commons licenses. The poll , which ended September 20,
president with 45 % in the poll . Arias declared his intention
candidate in the presidential poll . Ousted emergencies minister
, according to a government poll . Spain has been a member of
they may boycott the April 2 poll . The Democrats ( Phak
for successfully running the poll . The Secretary General went
the European elections. Exit poll 21:25 CET: According to a
, according to the IMAS poll The surveyed people were also
expected as the last opinion poll a month ago indicated a small
28 % among Independents. The poll also found that more people
the conflict. This U. U. S. poll also found that only 18
was the right decision. The poll also found that results were
Bush. A CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll also released on March 13 put
in any other way. The poll also showed that among
New Orleans, Louisiana. The poll also shows that 57 % of
well as $100m funding for the poll and co-ordination of
many of the companies in the poll are still using earlier
. Indeed, the last opinion poll before the actual referendum
closely agree with an exit poll by local TV station WDIV and
centers, and recruitment of poll center workers. According to
cards, a lack of poll centers, and recruitment of
and peers. A new telephone poll conducted December 17 and 18
lunch. Sources An opinion poll conducted by CID group and
the margin of error. In a poll conducted by Finnish TV
will end soon. And a recent poll conducted by VTSIOM suggests
Sources A poll conducted by an Iraqi
to the war, after an opinion poll conducted in Bucharest on
increased. In an unrelated poll conducted in the U. U. S. by
respectively. Iraq The CBS poll estimates that 47 % of
%. According to a GfK Polonia poll for TVN, TVN24 and the
Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found for the first time that
two months ago. The latest poll found that 15 % answered that
for two or more years. The poll found that 44 % of people
. Other questions asked in the poll found that 45 percent of
United States, the GlobeScan poll found that 55 percent thought
. An October 2005 Gallup poll found that 64 percent of all
‘s personal finances and the poll found that 64 percent say gas
versão impressa The latest poll from Finnish newspaper
who said they voted. The poll had a margin of error of plus
by the government. An AP/ISOS poll has found three in ten U. U.
Sources A CBS opinion poll has reported that 55 % of
cited a French newspaper poll in which he was named the
to 65 %. Other results of the poll include: 82 % of Iraqis are
, a recent government poll indicated only one in ten
Approval Ratings The latest poll indicates that 57 % of
and Survey Research ‘s exit poll indicates that Abbas has won
to win a second term. If exit poll indications are borne out,
potential endorsement and the poll is accurate to 3.7 % plus or
Belgian Greatest National poll is organized separately by
, since a Guardian/ICM opinion poll last week showed that
to manage the conflict, the poll measured a decline from 54 %
citizens, reflected by poll numbers, and their release by
Ipsos/Associated Press poll of 1,000 Americans showed
in a time of crisis. The poll of 1,009 people, which has a
. According to a recent poll of 1200 people, over 50
Attribution 2.5, following a poll of Wikinewsies and the
De Grootste Belg ) in the poll organized by the Flemish
election. The BBC/ITV exit poll predicted Tony Blair a
the War in Iraq. A separate poll published by
Ariel Sharon has seen his poll ratings raise despite the
77 percent of Americans in a poll released on Wednesday, are
policy there. In new PEW poll released today, public
__NOTOC__ A new CBS News poll reports that Americans are
violence. According to the poll results, the majority of
Kurdistan in advance of the poll results. The union of the
have dropped from previous poll results of 21 % and 42 %
is handled. A recent Gallup poll showed that Siméus is one of
case continues to unfold, a poll shows a great majority of the
Sources A cid-gallup poll shows former head of state
. Sources A new Newsweek poll shows that President Bush ‘s
64 %. Perhaps shockingly, the poll shows that the far-right
imprisoned, Jean-Juste. The poll surveyed the opinions of
population, according to a poll taken at the weekend. However
According to a poll taken by Demoscopia and
in 21 points since the last poll taken in August of this year.
stories An opinion poll taken in Haiti from November
. According to a hands-up poll that Wales conducted at the
go before Sunday ‘s historic poll to choose a new government in
into the country. The poll was undertaken for the
to find a new leader. The poll was called to replace the MP
federal elections. The poll was conducted by Pollara, a
endure more of a burden. A poll was conducted for The
asked of half the sample. The poll was conducted shortly before
chief Anna Johnston said the poll was good news for those who
. It should be noted that the poll was taken by a political
received 5 %. Also on the poll was the question of whether
. Next week, the Walloon poll will conclude, so Belgium
there has been a 1 single poll with all options included.
time to print ballots, train poll workers, and distribute voter
and few of the 40,000 needed poll workers have been recruited.
election officials and poll workers suspected of
. They need time to organize poll workers who do not have
. A Guardian/ICM opinion poll yesterday found that while

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