appearing randomly and pointedly all throughout Europe and
today, and spoke pretty pointedly with President Bush about
, he ‘d asked Cairo very pointedly , What were the logistics
to duel her’€™’€™ said James pointedly , Harry nodded and moved
do n’t get no action? Or more pointedly , does this this mean George
the presiding judge. More pointedly , it was obviously in our
for. € Severus ignored him pointedly , nodding politely to Quigley
of his appointment he pointedly , on two occasions, referred
workforce for a decade. More pointedly , there are several countries
the authority complex. More pointedly , we must be critical of gurus
arrive there and, even more pointedly , what guides the conversation
taking a vacation. Then ask, pointedly , why Harper would put his own
in discussion. Lily looked up pointedly , ‘€œAnd I don’€™t think much
, € he looked at the girls pointedly , ‘€œthrow on dress robes and
, please, Tom, said Fudge pointedly . ‘Bye, Harry said miserably
that at Google, €™ he added pointedly . Furthermore, Google’€™s
guns can kill you. I stated pointedly . He rolled his eyes,
room service, said Sharon pointedly . Subira felt like telling
immortal? ” he asked, more pointedly . “Not quite. We still have a
, € McGonagall said pointedly . ‘€œIt is, € agreed the
. And the scholars added pointedly : The history of U. U. S.
. The Prime Minister said, pointedly : There is one thing that I
downfall. On politics, he pointedly abandoned the much-used
War Framers directly and pointedly addressed is both
industry. Thalidomide very pointedly and cruelly drew attention to
. Garret asked the president pointedly and directly as it concerned
like this that the worry most pointedly applies to. Brandon: I wonder
such a difficulty, even when pointedly asked about the print source
). The detective then asks pointedly asks Harry, Where does it
, Potter replied, looking pointedly at Severus, who had just
? ‘€ asked Trelawney, nodding pointedly at Snape. ‘€œI’€™m sure they
Snape, nodding equally pointedly at Trelawney. ‘€œMaybe we
harder than others. Stare pointedly at him. 12. 12. Play
harder than others. Stare pointedly at him. HA!!!! Here ‘s some
Nevermore! 83. 83. Look pointedly at his nose slits and say
, 2005 3:32 PM ET 83. 83. Look pointedly at his nose slits and say
. I think some of us ( looks pointedly at self ) can use ‘giving
them directly while looking pointedly at their LCD TV and 50 gallon
He pointed out. James stared pointedly at them, and Sirius glanced
started eating together, pointedly avoiding Snape’€™s company.
over-reacting to it. But by pointedly avoiding any discussion of
and Sx. Huh? That ‘s a bit pointedly blunt, even for a secular
movements diverge. As noted pointedly by Mako Hill, an activist and
or actual news. If a reporter pointedly contacted the Argentine
, 10/25/2009 9:47pm He has pointedly criticized Obama ‘s absence
like bad manners after so pointedly dancing on his grave. On the
, snippet of MT-3 javascript pointedly deformed now merely to appear
to make their iconography so pointedly dickish? I ‘d have thought
. And this behavior has been pointedly directed several times at one
we talk about something we pointedly do not recommend. Listen to
sends out these letters, he pointedly enjoys doing so in the
institution from which she so pointedly excluded others. I don’t
‘s essay on Karl Burkheimer pointedly expounds upon the prevalence
had singled out O’Reilly more pointedly for anti-Jewish remarks he’d
. When did The Onion go from pointedly funny to frighteningly
the door, he asked me quite pointedly if everyone made the move.
not arcane. It ‘s just being pointedly ignored and Kinsella ‘s
, and the American client gets pointedly ignored when asking for help.
but the Dajani Group has been pointedly ignoring my multiple emails
the Latin for ring ) by pointedly illustrating, ( serious;
. involvement. I said so very pointedly in my review. But to claim
in the working class, most pointedly in the West, not in the East.
draft being reinstated. It pointedly includes provisions barring
‘s work is disturbing and pointedly intrusive; dreamlike and
taxes–an option Bush has pointedly left open. The question
about people, she said, and pointedly lifted her book up in front
me be clear”s. He was very pointedly making a direct rebuke to the
. It is brilliantly surreal, pointedly metaphorical, and
Correspondents Dinner and pointedly mocked Bush in front of Bush,
distinguished student speaker pointedly mocked him as he sat silently
of forces, perhaps a few pointedly non-accidental cross-border
Start throwing parties and pointedly not inviting them. Bake them
edition of Global Times pointedly noted: Among the
, with his most recent column pointedly noting oil supply is finite
at Taba, and now speaks pointedly of the need for a negotiated
try to concentrate single pointedly on what you are doing and not
product of two resources made pointedly open and public by their
one, said James, looking pointedly past him. Snape had just
to chime in here because you pointedly pointed out never having to
for that problem. While Bush pointedly promises no cuts only for
is owned by Viacom. De Moraes pointedly remarked: Remember how the
: and, as has been pointedly remarked by an able writer,
Controller S. S. C Narang pointedly said that his team was
seat next to Snape and rather pointedly sat by Professor Futhark.
, from a sympathetic and pointedly self-critical perspective:
and dismembered bodies are pointedly shown. Toward the end of the
imminent. But the president pointedly sidestepped questions about
administration as KDJ ), and pointedly snubs Kim in an official
blogs content will be pointedly structured to deliver an
attend U-M. I would note very pointedly that the existence of the
Gray, and the project, pointedly titled Camouflaged History,
3:18 PM Bravo, Solon So pointedly to-the-point! Did y’all see
as irrational, unfounded, and pointedly unhelpful. The public is
super-sized ( and they will pointedly use their phrase like they
you are, do I? She rather pointedly went to serve a customer at
to communicate clearly and pointedly why pen testing is a vital
. Â The heads themselves are pointedly without narrative, taking on

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