. Highlighting the city ‘s plight , Huron Police Chief Frank
the roadside. Hearing of his plight , I hurried after him to
I sympathize with your plight , but was amazed that you gave
greater mess than our current plight , if that ‘s possible. Yeah
this is precisely the PLP’€™s plight , is impressive in its
but saw the house in sorriest plight , quoting in mute speech his
his mother saw him in this plight , she said to him, ‘God keep
his mother saw him in this plight , she said to him, Heaven
to draw attention to their plight . However, these parents were
truly empathize with his/her plight . Since my arrest, I have
and local residents to their plight . The trip had cost each
of the Chinese environmental plight . This Is reflected In the
the outside world about their plight . What ‘s the place of
had power to mend my plight : Through my life I was weaned
and left thee in this evil plight ? Answered Ala alDin, The
, that he is reduced to this plight ? Replied Kamar al- Zaman,
and left thee in this ill plight ? ‘The Bedouins, answered
single/album for their plight ? Posted by Andrew Ian Dodge
. We did not laugh at their plight and give them fake cures to
. We did not laugh at their plight and give them fake cures to
been sympathetic to my plight and helped me without regard
; for she hath broken her plight and her faith. So he
the country’s energy plight and hinges on the same
and thou be in perplexed plight and perdition upon thy head
will further highlight their plight and result in more UK
about Bertrand Russell ‘s plight around a search for an
? AND therewith Sir Gawaine plight his troth unto Sir Pelleas to
something about Tal Varish ‘s plight in the process. ) When we had
to draw attention to their plight in this way has been
and did something about their plight instead of just whingeing.
. Her plight is appalling. Her plight is appaling because radical
of naivete, nothing more. Her plight is appalling. Her plight is
of naivete, nothing more. Her plight is appalling. Posted by
to me, ‘Out on thee! What plight is this in which I see thee
evocative and their plight is understandable and just.
though Gillian Gibbons’€™ plight may be she has done one thing
work and opportunity, Zhang’s plight mirrors the dilemma faced by
for him to worry over the plight of Africans if he chooses not
crisis has exacerbated the plight of China’s laborers. Â The
George W. W. Bush about the plight of Iraqi Christians.
of King George. Witness the plight of Kofi Annan. THE SUNDAY NEW
me as smart policy. The plight of N. N. O. is no advert for
and to consider also the plight of Native Americans right
to express sympathy with the plight of a fellow human being and
to China in November, the plight of a pro-democracy advocate,
of Britain, to discuss the plight of a woman who faces the
he made a film denouncing the plight of abused Muslim women. The
to draw attention to the plight of asylum seekers in the
to recognize and relieve the plight of displaced people not let
that it understands the plight of employees affected by this
of others, concern about the plight of endangered mother earth.
of laid off workers, the plight of farmers who cannot sell
improve health care and the plight of health care workers in the
the odd businessman and the plight of improverished and suchlike
independence. Consider the plight of many UK charities: many of
constitutional issues in the plight of many others. Joy has
raised questions about the plight of migrant workers and the
this week recognized the plight of mothers around the world
of the complexities of the plight of new mothers? 2 ) Can it be
which drew attention to the plight of one of the communist
an emotional reaction to the plight of others around them. BTW.
also vents about the terrible plight of pensioners and the need to
Obama of ignoring the plight of poor blacks targeted by
from speaking, ever, on the plight of seniors, and we’€™ll come
a massive fraud, ignoring the plight of struggling Bermudians but
a swift and bloody end. The plight of tens of thousands of Tamil
wrong, but here goes. The plight of the Conservatives is
top his personal agenda. The plight of the First Australians is a
government to consider the plight of the Papuan refugees, as
warmer? But consider the plight of the True Believer. CO2 (
of Rebiya Kadeer and the plight of the Uighurs: Most
very concerned about the plight of the Zimbabwean people who
! If they refuse to take the plight of the dying animal seriously
Chaipravat highlighted the plight of the hotel, tour, and
who talked about the economic plight of the local community since
EU to Zimbabwe belittles the plight of the many people like
very apparent with the plight of the next generation. To
a poet’€™s imagination. The plight of the poet in exile has not
on directly bettering the plight of the poor. Would it be
, but far from helping the plight of the poor and needy, it
‘ve seen how desperate the plight of the poor really is, no one
to draw attention to the plight of the terror suspects
. When I really realized the plight of the women under the
wealth, yet siding with the plight of the working class. His
passport four years ago. The plight of the young girl was
and finding solutions to the plight of those living in poverty
excused, but to ignore the plight of those who suffer from
to bring awareness to the plight of victims, often forced to
when we seek solutions to the plight of young Black males,
on behalf of the child whose plight only came about because of
story I felt worse for her plight than for my own ( I, after
unto him; so each one plight their troth to other, and so
Mai, a rape victim whose plight was publicised worldwide.
giddy with wine and in this plight went in to his wife, who said
with my wife In the saddest plight with all misery rife: Would

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