who got so ugly after all the flowery I love you”s, to getting
, Harry notices something flowery and Hagrid ‘s umbrella ( as
cut in half. 4. 4. Remove the flowery choke from the center,
him that his words are too flowery for me. Flowery not in the
ago I told him not to be flowery , awhile later, he resumed
. The prose may be a little flowery , but it ‘s not inaccurate.
on MY needs. Ca n’t smell to flowery , ca n’t make ME sneeze when I
5. 5. Dusky Rose Okay, pretty flowery , certainly. Kind of an
style I ‘ve only seen her flowery , drip works. Oh, it ‘s an
in their cakes; one is a flowery , four-tier affair, the other
, & the. The style is not very flowery , its more of a critical form
sprawling works written in flowery , romaticized prose of the
and COS ) is described as flowery . Note that the Umbrella is
starts! fall is not exactly flowery .. b ut heck, i was inspired
smarter, more descriptive, or flowery . These poetry writing
like celery, but it smelt flowery ? 26th May 2009, 12:43 | tags:
session, not the usual flowery BS. Looks like Decision Time
, but something in memory of a flowery age maiden, and something
] Narcissus Claudius and his flowery ally, discussing the best way
approval. Steaming, flowery and fresh, weedy dishes were
and jargon ( with the right flowery and high-impact erudite
. Rosettas may enclose flowery and leafy shapes or anything
, and come up with some really flowery and ludicrous landlubber
small side and decor was too flowery and perhaps somewhat dated (
be of any help. If I make it flowery and pretty, you all will be
from the boys and the overly flowery answers from the girls. That
, and political acceptance the flowery application of English,
house dress covered by a flowery apron and looked perfectly at
Baroque, the Macchiaioli, the flowery art nouveau style, termed
figure of Mao lies under a flowery blue blanket. More, larger
grandma would love a pretty, flowery bookmark! powered by Youtube
, other time decorated in flowery boutique. Socially John is
is on only described as being flowery but as a deception a means
much. But I guess he is just flowery by nature such that when
, even after receiving a flowery card. No joke. My mother,
and had the choke ( the flowery center ) removed.
base the design on a rather flowery china pattern. I can handle
, you may get some kind of flowery description, but if you
in his life, and flowery digital imaging; resulting
knickers whilst dressed in a flowery dress. 80. 80. Buy the Pete
04, 2005 Your words are too flowery for me Very early very
could have seasonal covers ( flowery for spring, terry cloth for
places like grassy fields and flowery gardens, to avoid another
. Walking delicately over the flowery grass, arrogantly lumipous in
her and he set-off over the flowery grass, pulling her beside him
she stumbled on over the flowery grass. How long she had gone
suddenly overwhelmed by the flowery honey scent of ripe mangoes
frequently. So she had a flowery key-chain made for him as a
Speak: CEOs, the future and flowery language. How could it be bad
punchy and active and avoid flowery language. People don’€™t read
) Now he flatters us with his flowery language its too late
task needing a lot of flowery language and a chore that
often involved the use of flowery language and flaming well was
expressed in particularly flowery language and which he may
. Trying to hide it under flowery language is a sham, and the
letters. / Sne write long flowery letters (? ) g ) A concrete
coat. f ) She writes long and flowery letters. / Sne write long
. The initial stretch through flowery meadows is pleasant enough,
, there are even some cure flowery ones. But the Chico bags are
his mind and smell Ginny ‘s flowery perfume mixed with the fresh
‘€œHarry noticed Hagrid’€™s flowery pink umbrella leaning against
brother does ). And then the flowery pinny he wears. Agree that
interesting to me than the flowery promises of a public servant
gay. I’ll spare you the full flowery prose, but some excerpts
wait and read long pages of flowery prose. When writing for the
it is, on nothing more than flowery rhetoric ( hot air, in other
by using his command of flowery rhetoric? Or both
names, and indulging in some flowery rhetoric is considered more
concludes with most of the flowery rhetoric we ‘ve seen in past
was no longer alone. A soft, flowery scent alerted him to the
is now filled with different flowery scents instead of a cold bite
with real flowers instead of flowery silk prints. She ‘d look
World War II reminded us that flowery speeches and empty rhetoric
savannahs. But enough of the flowery stuff. Xavier Carter [ ]
going, she went on over the flowery sward. An odd sense of voids
, stumbling blindly over the flowery sward with no thought in her
, while prattling on with flowery talk hailing Government ‘s
reams of poetry and typical flowery teenage self-reflection, she
file into the courthouse with flowery testimony about the horrors
‘s it. Nothing personal or flowery to suggest that real effort
appears, surrounded by flowery valley and deepgreen pines.
. They dwell happily in these flowery wilds, are part of God ‘s
being. These are not simply flowery woo woo proclamations.
be precise and crisp. Avoid flowery words and redundant phrases.
, he resumed again. But I feel flowery words do make their impact,
the whole thing without using flowery words like patent-pending
snake oil, Bond used the flowery words of Thomas Jefferson to

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