says. Leading from start to finish , Hamilton was under heavy
area. A typically clinical finish , Henry ‘s first touch put the
chances. Let me just finish , James, please, Novak said.
of Lordi ‘s first place finish , next year the 52nd
the first American woman to finish , placing twelfth in 2:43:14.
Kimi Raikkonen failed to finish , quitting the race not long
. McCLELLAN: If you ‘ll let me finish
20 minutes after the race ‘s finish .! Unofficial Top-10 Results
in directness and the clean finish . A long ball down the left
million for the second place finish . Hachem became the first
the race, taking a last-place finish . He continues to lead the cup
would start to load but never finish . He described it as
the first American woman to finish . Levan ‘s closest competitor,
Lita scored to force an edgy finish . Litas powerful header off a
third respectively in a close finish . Massa began at pole position
posting a fourth place finish . Pre-race favourite Yeates
, and held him off until the finish . The aggressive attack style
la Schlucht with 15 km to the finish . Weening and Klöden worked
Championship and went on to finish 10th. Sources After
them 33 00 and 22 00 to finish 2nd in Pool A. A. Zambia ‘s
Tour as he powered away to finish a bike length in front of his
government has pledged to finish all Treaty claims by 2020,
, not allowing each other to finish an answer, each accusing the
edged the game from start to finish and got a goal in each half.
finish first you must first finish and the track is incredibly
tournament. Woods failed to finish any of the four rounds below
being made for when schools finish as schools have been asked to
rescue team in Pangandaran to finish collecting bodies trapped
extra day today, in order to finish considering amendments to the
they will guard the scene and finish examining it today. The
. Sears added: To finish first you must first finish
the 9th consecutive podium finish for Lewis Hamilton in his
victory is the 150-th podium finish for Michael Schumacher, and
, after we have enough time to finish forensics of recent events
in a one-on-one. The dramatic finish had four minutes of injury
. Earhart was supposed to finish her journey and land on
from Western states to finish his report in advance of the
a month ago who had failed to finish his second term due to the
and Chinese, from start to finish in 80 hours over 10 days.
Aguri-Honda ‘s first points finish in 8th place, after Giancarlo
the Swiss resort of Laax and finish in Innsbruck, Austria on
that all the inquiries finish in an inconclusive form, as
the top ten, making his first finish in the Malaysian Grand Prix,
of 5-3 for a third place finish in the invitational earlier
. Obilić now has a chance to finish in the top 12, which would
of Commissaires examined the finish in which McEwen had leaned on
start something you want to finish it. Sources A statement
of Sioux Falls, or perhaps finish it by smashing it down with a
caught by the pack before the finish it was a successful day for
, with a green-white-checkered finish led by Truex Jr.! Unofficial
. Just over 200 yards from the finish line, Vickers tapped Open
the race from start to the finish line. Fernando Alonso
pace, watch for him at the finish line. For today ‘s 1 ¼ mile
run out of fuel before the finish line. Luckily however, he was
seconds upon crossing the finish line. Nico Rosberg, the
hard on Alonso until the finish line. They finished together,
. As Gevaert crossed the finish line cheering, Hellebaut came
concussion sliding across the finish line in the Chicago Marathon
, Lewis Hamilton crossed the finish line on the second place
stamping in the stands on the finish line straight, causing them
Ellen MacArthur crossed the finish line today at 2229 UTC ( and
, New York, they ran to the finish line were the host Phil
closer and closer up to the finish line which they crossed with
glory days after last year ‘s finish of 13th in the 15-team
as possible to rebuild and finish off phase 1, of their
not have the killer touch to finish off any clean shots on the
n’t have enough funding to finish off the project at Coliseum
( NZQA ) said. The exams will finish on December 9. 9. These exams
the fan vote winner must finish on the same lap as the winner
if the school year does not finish on time, says Tyler
of Armstrong ‘s challengers finish over a minute down. Jan
, chairman of the IAEA, to finish preparing a report on Iran ‘s
IAEA, Mohamed ElBaradei, to finish preparing a report on Iran ‘s
‘s guess. To recover and finish strongly was encouraging for
the opposition would today finish taking control of the country
back, punctuated by a 16-6 finish that inflated hopes for this
on the seventh-placed finish that they achieved during the
it will take a decade to finish the entire corpus. Among the
donations? We still have to finish the final bookkeeping for
. The encounter served both to finish the harshness between the two
together in the scramble to finish the important business before
. The new City Council must finish the job of election finance
and God willing we will finish the job tomorrow. The
a row for the Redskins, who finish the regular season with a
say they want him to finish the season there. Sources
who had four points would finish third in Group G behind
want, and do n’t want, to finish this book ( do n’t worry, I
the season. His goal is to finish this year with that car in
the game ran well past the finish time of the concurrent
Arena, Munich, saw a dramatic finish to Tunisia and Saudi Arabia
by the league is expected to finish up by April 18. 18. According
. 1.25, sure. Hopefully I ‘ll finish up nursing school in December
. Turtles again too, they ‘ll finish up with oil all over them.
. McLaren ‘s one-two finish was their first such result
show that courage and we will finish well. Democratic Rebuttals
Scolari ‘s team did not finish well. Paul Robinson made nine
Hawaii ‘s Michael Memea would finish what his teammates started by
a clear race upon the near finish where he was under heavy
guarantees that Colts will finish with the best record in the

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