topics are considered feminine and how PBS stations have
the handwriting looked feminine but the writer was male. It
a marker of the domestic, feminine domain ( oikos ), and the
between masculine and feminine handwriting; and I ‘m
handwriting What makes feminine handwriting? Masculine
sense that in the US, feminine handwriting is neater, more
the key difference is that feminine handwriting tends to look
as masculine or feminine regardless of their origin.
unstressed syllable, it ‘s feminine rhyme. An example of
rhyme. An example of feminine rhyme is this couplet from
‘most masculine and ‘most feminine colors. I was looking for
embodiment of the eternal feminine , older than the rocks among
photos layout looks very feminine , I am very proud of this
into something rather more feminine , along the lines of Mother
boys unchanged voices are feminine , and therefore powerless and
essentially different; feminine , domesticated and nurturing.
Pater ‘s ideas of the eternal feminine , is the more significant idea
. 7. 7. Thai girls are very feminine , quite likely some of the
union of the masculine and feminine , the union of Heaven and
. ( This would be a Luna, feminine , water analogy. A Solar,
to be perceived as macho or feminine , young or old, country or
make her handwriting more feminine . I had a general sense that
. The ability to create is feminine . Always. Neither men nor gods
soft edges are seen as more feminine . Long horizontal lines are
will always tip toward the feminine . Nature prefers Her own
and behave delight in a feminine . Often interpreted to mean
& ‘€˜Kha’€™ whenever you are feminine . Thai language has a musical
heterosexual men who are more feminine . The same with gay men. In
want two of is masculine or feminine . Thus dois cigaros, two
see the ways to make it more feminine . Very helpful as always.
are people who are naturally feminine . We all come in different
widow spider? is that not feminine ? yes, the big nasty one that
energy, and although ruled by feminine Venus, has strength and
I would say Polish is most feminine and British most masculine,
to a process of repressing feminine and childish bodily emotions.
about Earth and the divine feminine and cycles of the oceans and
parthenogenetic body with feminine and masculine energies of
language has masculine, feminine and neuter forms ). There is
with handwriting judged to be feminine and vice versa and
to explain how masculine and feminine are equal and opposite but
define the masculine and the feminine as oppositional, and to
: a fashion icon, an image of feminine beauty, admired and emulated
handwriting. There are feminine characteristics, and
with could use the friendly feminine comraderie. The guy in the
its ruggedness by the more feminine elegance of Eckhart. € I
balance of masculine and feminine energy in order to create a
coming out at Pride and being feminine for that one day only. It’s
to such images of the feminine form. It is for this reason
their children. Â It was a feminine gathering like those in
Christian has no god in the feminine gender, no female trinity:
explicit about including the feminine gender. A sin against Grammar
gender only shall include the feminine gender; and Words importing
of their masculine and feminine gender and they have the
. I ‘m female, and I have feminine handwriting because I have a
‘s all there is to it. If my feminine handwriting is n’t pretty
will cause a flutter in many feminine hearts when they realise that
such as cosmetics, deodorant, feminine hygiene, hair preparations,
to be left alone to enjoy my feminine hygiene products and
who was elegant and feminine in an instinctively French
period angels were virtuously feminine in form and increasingly
about in this lesson are feminine in gender, so you do n’t have
the work of activating the feminine in the hearts of humans. Now,
have a masculine and feminine influence. There’s a lot to
so male orientated. A feminine influence is vital in
the piano was considered a feminine instrument, men could
, or active, and the feminine is magnetic or attractive.
a culture as a well. Being feminine is part of my culture, and I
7:46 pm Does it have equally feminine labels for all of the tools?
masculine counterpart to the feminine magic of ISIS, wife of OSIRIS
that was forbidden by the feminine mystique, the lifelong
Betty Friedan invented the feminine mystique. Arlie Hochschild
. Before Odin was a more feminine nature worship. Odin brought
( so far, you only know the feminine noun forms ). Genitive: the
drive a car and falls into a feminine panic. There are some things
straight men to a handful of feminine perks like pedicures, scented
take on a masculine or feminine presence although some are
rebirth. It represents the feminine principle, which is
on Dr. Toni Wolfe’s theory of feminine psychology, became a NY Times
where God is described with feminine qualities. The song of
light. If any of our feminine readers can help me here with
Morano for both using their feminine sexuality for a liberal
( 7 ); 10. 10. Jungian feminine side ( 5 ); 11. 11. Curious
romantic. They bring out the feminine side in me. Our bodies are
more willing to embrace their feminine sides.: R P: I think they are
interested in embracing their feminine sides and presenting their
“secure enough to embrace his feminine side”, apparently ) rugby
depicts lovely feminine silhoutte, bustiered and
the embryo from its first and feminine state. Page 1:
). Masculine cities and feminine suburbs: Polarized ideas,
Quite often, they appeal more feminine than the real women. I have
patriarchal power. The only feminine thing supported in this
. Gadgets with a distinctly feminine touch. Gadgetizer. Gadgets
are made of mysterious feminine voodoo and unicorn dreams,
poetry describing the eternal feminine was reiterated over and over,
sexual differentiation of feminine wing shape. However, from
quite likely some of the most feminine women on the planet. If your
. I ‘ve always assumed feminine writing was universal but

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