will be looked upon more favourably , according to Stephen
what they had to say clearly, favourably , but above all objectively.
Berman version was mentioned favourably , even though it ‘s not now
are not looked upon that favourably , except refined to say that
people they knew would review favourably , or it was never released at
portraying the PM less favourably . Tell me how the country
would hear and receive him favourably . The sultan ordered the
the cost/beneit equasion favourably . Today, as youm say, it ‘s
David Pugh seemed to look favourably 32 Responses to Ventnor
health care providers favourably : A clinic or a hospital
.... On p. p. 127: he mentions favourably C. C. P eter Wagner, an
SP, 97.5 % of them spoke favourably about ALu, emphasizing it ‘s
. The more people are talking favourably about a product, the more
facility and wrote extremely favourably about both the station and
. Students have commented very favourably about the graphing work and
, β -blocker therapy failed to favourably affect the cardiovascular
be assessed and considered favourably alongside proprietary
and have the potential to favourably alter clinical outcome. It is
compared to Britain, both favourably and unfavourably, but always
being fulfilled, I decided to favourably answer the requests of the
respect he positions himself favourably as a richer and more
attending ANC, and reported favourably as an outcome of being in the
, and reported most favourably as to the manner of her
system was received favourably by Arts Faculty staff who
. This was regularly compared favourably by GPs to work within the
emotional support are viewed favourably by HIV-positive patients and
ends in fascism, and favourably cites Mussolini as a leader
I ‘d see the day that IE was favourably compared with modern browsers
distinguish [ 19 ]. The 15D favourably compares with other quality
has taken the position I have favourably described since 1964, and I
have windmills are quite favourably disposed to having more.
Amos or Scotland would more favourably entertain their anti-UK games
model presented here is being favourably evaluated by both government
ridicule or being viewed less favourably features very strongly in the
will judge Tony Abbott more favourably if Malcolm Turnbull again
the town, he was not very favourably impressed with what he saw.
states of America compare favourably in size and population with
Whilst this tendency operates favourably in terms of disclosure
that the Ferret has reported favourably in the past on the Exilim
at this stage would favourably increase the odds, while it
, which tend to be more favourably looked upon as investment
text, Hubbard spoke favourably of Parsons, making no mention
that their lordships reported favourably of the design of the ship,
. Marcuse ( 1955 ) also writes favourably of the young Marx, suggesting
out parts that do n’t reflect favourably on U. U. S. or Iraqi
The University looks very favourably on homeschooling. Their best
. That local government look favourably on making more use of debt to
capitalists may look less favourably on the UK as a potential HQ,
way ). To put the spotlight favourably on the operators who that
country have commented favourably on the scheme. Conclusion The
on private land, which was favourably received by the Minister.
tendon filling pressures were favourably reduced to 57 ± 34%/67 ± 27
to them ` to consider favourably remaining in the industry.
, ‘Ten Years On, has been favourably reviewed by Cato! Check out
facilities of even the most favourably situated ports, though to
should be treated less favourably than, say Jews and others
charities much more favourably than they do private
mean = 1.83 ) responding more favourably than those who had received
mean = 1.83 ) responded more favourably than those who had received
treatment responded more favourably than those who were non-naïve
am more inclined to consider favourably the overall thrust of Newberg
will find little to react favourably to. Much like his earlier
low responses, ICS compares favourably to ELISPOT, for which
upset by responding so favourably to Lavender ‘s flirtation.
a 47° scoliosis responding favourably to bracing. Scoliosis 2009, 4
population. It also compares favourably to other generic instruments
Ireland felt that it compared favourably to other potential migration
in the region, it compared favourably to the 22.5 % inflation
worse had those who answered favourably to the idea of democracy been
% placebo ) and responded favourably to topical therapy, a
the idea that customers feel favourably towards needle exchange,
. I know we are not looking favourably towards non-commercial
neem seed powder performed favourably under true field conditions
are all expected to improve favourably until 2008, the weaker point
a space policy that looks favourably upon the militarisation of
primary care team was favourably valued. Surprisingly, an
in this pandemic compares favourably with 20th century influenza
symptoms. This compares very favourably with a figure of 45.6 % for
results that compared favourably with commercial carbon
validity ), the 15D compares favourably with other instruments of the
, the WHOQOL-Bref has compared favourably with other studies. The
hours notice. This compares favourably with our earlier, more
in this study compared favourably with published cohort studies
biomedical model, and aligns favourably with recent ideas in pain
air pollution levels compares favourably with similar studies which
and integration contrasts favourably with the French. This
‘d say British banks compare favourably with the atomised US scene
60 ]. These guidelines align favourably with the biopsychosocial
and fortitude that compares favourably with the cowardly treatment
it may still not compare favourably with the level and pace of
total area of 79.6 % compared favourably with the reported coverage of
curriculum, this compared favourably with the results of the
method I think it compares favourably with the standard teaching
could gain might just compare favourably with their television income
case fatality rate compares favourably with those in the three 20th
ratios compare favourably with those of delivering the
ratios, which compare favourably with those of other malaria
, and while it may compare favourably with what they were able to

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