a fairly major fire at a factory on the adjoining industrial
several craters inside the factory ‘s compound. One crater
lives. His son, who was the factory ‘s manager, was also arrested
legal assault upon the Zanon factory , at least one factory
in debt, and shut down the factory , firing the workers.
cost of production of the factory , well as the favorable
to a suburban Melbourne factory , where two men were arrested,
at the Rosamor Ameublements factory , which is located in the Hay
what was manufactured at the factory , with RTE reporting that it
the Palmela, Portugal factory Autoeuropa has been
mall or any farm with a factory . A separate dissent was
away from the fireworks factory . There are body parts
for the purchase of the factory . According to Washington Post
said, It ‘s an explosives factory . All right it ‘s exploded,
. I believe it is the world ‘s factory . And India with its
scrap metal from the cement factory . Further investigations
came at a solar panel factory . McCain used this as an
No. 6 smelter at Xingbao ‘s factory . Slag from the smelter was
could not come out from the factory . The cause of the fire is yet
ignited in the cellar of the factory . The company lawyer read a
, a gardener who was near the factory . left|thumb|175px|Some
blast has razed a fireworks factory 50 kilometers ( 31 miles )
and was forced to work in a factory after the Soviet Union had
dispatched to the five-storey factory after the blaze broke out at
officials intervened. The factory also produces other toys for
the victims were inside the factory and all the doors were closed
a light armored vehicle factory and benefited from the
workers taking over the factory and running it and kicking
for fans to tour the factory and see the car being built
year from his job at a glass factory and that Poplawski was upset
, acting area manager of SFF factory and the Office of the Civil
is to bring together the factory and the office, Chinese
workers to leave the Zanon factory and work instead in a
. and reported the Jinhui Town factory as alight. A total of fifty
next week. By 2008, the factory at Palmela will only be
counted 43 people inside the factory being treated for injuries.
be in a stable condition. The factory belonged to the Anning Qitian
to employ an Arab at his factory but he doesn’t hesitate to
that I have witnessed at the factory deserve the highest praise.
said an official. 28-year-old factory employee Fadila Khadija said
Zanon factory, at least one factory employee has been reported to
An Australian munitions factory exploded in South Australia.
the Holocaust with images of factory farming. Photographs of
read a statement by the factory firm, however, when asked a
and took photos on the factory floor. You ‘re intruding,
Cement Company ‘s 53-year-old factory for not meeting environmental
in the United States. The factory had made industrial gears
at the Stockline plastics factory in 2004, are criticizing the
residents who lived near a factory in Amagasaki, Hyogo
regrettably closing the cigar factory in Bristol it ‘s a very
killed today after a mattress factory in Casablanca, Morocco was
Republic Windows and Doors factory in Chicago staged a
ball that vanished from a factory in China has been traced to a
A fire at a Rexam Plastics factory in China has claimed the
sulphide leak at a fertiliser factory in China has left six people
Tuesday, The Times visited a factory in Dongguan, in China ‘s
opening of the new company ‘s factory in Geneva. The watch powered
the owner of a mattress factory in Hay Hassini, Casablanca,
of explosions at a chemical factory in Iran have killed at least
in a fire in a leather bag factory in Kolkata ‘s South 24
said that it was an illegal factory in Kolkata located at third
PwC has closed the company ‘s factory in Longbridge, Birmingham and
Factory workers at a ceramic factory in Neuquén, Argentina are
during the dismantling of a factory in Tongchuan City. The
assembled at the main Airbus factory in Toulouse, France but by
investigating an animal-feeds factory in south-eastern Ireland
AFP news agency that each factory in the city ‘s industrial
had been manufactured by a factory in the local area. This was
added, and explained that the factory is inside an industrial zone.
DesRosier believes that the factory is still likely to close.
United Kingdom, the Bristol factory is the only one that is
of autonomous control. The factory is widely known as Zanon, the
and working at boring factory jobs. However, recent labor
report also shows a drop in factory jobs. President Bush is
. You ‘re intruding, a factory manager identified only as
Zhengding County underground factory near Shijiazhuang. His wife
multi-purpose vehicle, the factory needs to guarantee new
to produce a new model in the factory of Palmela, and considered
photographer were detained by factory officials, and released a day
already been identified by factory officials. They are: Clodelio
AM CST December 6, 2006 a factory owned by the FALK Corporation
and one is still missing. The factory produced explosives for
has also caused part of the factory roof to land more than 1.5km
will need to be restored to factory settings by re-installing the
spontaneously to run the factory themselves, and continued
workers have been running the factory themselves since the
enveloping the fireworks factory three hours after the
of RFID smart tags in the factory to buyers. NXP semiconductor
some structural damage to a factory unit on the industrial estate
a one kilometre radius of the factory until an explosives expert
of the building. The Rosamor factory was clearly operating
site, and the area around the factory was reported to smell of
a church near the fireworks factory were also damaged by the
in keeping up with the factory whaling ship. We are certain
We are willing to defend the factory with our lives. It may not
goal of better conditions for factory workers. The study, based
, government officials, factory workers and worker
host. Champagne said the factory workers in Saguenay would
It ‘s important to have the factory working as soon as possible
within 30 km of the sugar factory so that the cost of

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