wrong, so I shouldn’t be held accountable receives such currency. I’m
a mistake they should be held accountable , he added. It is unclear
them to keep this Government accountable , he said. He urged the
and make trials more fair and accountable , according to its state-run
seriously, people were held accountable , and the military ‘s system
and political parties accountable , by giving every voter a vote
not hold this administration accountable , so we have to hold the
forces. They need to be held accountable . Dufka said the volume of
the law and should be held accountable . Image: C entre Court Open
a mistake they should be held accountable . Mr Hopper argued that the
and hold suspected terrorists accountable . The leaders who ordered
take responsibility and to be accountable .... They need to overcome the
we have to hold the Democrats accountable . And I for one am going to
hold the people they elected accountable . Bermudians are rightfully
with standing to keep them accountable . But to achieve these goals,
impossible to hold anyone accountable . How dangerous is that when
to be both transparent and accountable . If 5 % vote Green, it will
and hold insurance companies accountable . In a statement, the
hold the insurance industry accountable . Insurance companies will no
would hold members of the GOP accountable . More than a quarter of
it more open, transparent and accountable . That ‘s about the only area
violations. I am to be held accountable . The inspector general went
in Cabinet. People were held accountable . This flies in the face of
it are going to be held accountable . You have to be held
and we should be holding them accountable . permalink to just this entry
did not, people would be held accountable . thumb|left|The minarets of
where they’ll be held less accountable . ⠀ But in many cases, that
is that ASIO can be held accountable the government can be
explanation or anyone held accountable Government alleged that the
those who were involved accountable The public should be outraged
expect him to hold his MPs accountable and protect honesty and
the Bush administration accountable and setting a ‘New Direction
open access keeps government accountable and that open access to
to hold our elected members accountable and that the Premier won’t
and International Law to hold accountable any and all political and
Copyright Act [ 2 ] holds accountable anyone who ( ii ) distributes
reports that I would be held accountable for $150,000 per song in my
in all the classes I am accountable for. In retaining the daily
that you will be held accountable for. These concepts are
dear blog readers, to hold us accountable for cheating or quitting. We
other state holds individuals accountable for coverage. Sources * Medha
time an American firm is held accountable for environmental damages
again. He needs to be held accountable for his actions There is
in which the minister is accountable for his or her decision on
he ready to stand up and be accountable for his story, or will he
RAF or MoD has ever been held accountable for it. He went on to say
, and they should be held accountable for it. One TV special –
, while holding the government accountable for its actions. We won’t
measures making lenders more accountable for maintenance of empty
those classes are also held accountable for meeting the new criteria
the new government holds them accountable for past actions. The
that Nobody has been held accountable for the actual crash. The
hold the Sudanese government accountable for the attacks they have
the report reasoned he is accountable for the defective manner in
to hold Palparan accountable for the killings. Armed
people whom we consider accountable for the plane crash, he
that no one has been held accountable for the violence, though he
in your company, you are accountable for the way you oversee the
of meeting that holds him accountable for the words he ‘s actually
intellectual property more accountable for their actions, whether
public in holding politicians accountable for their actions. There have
ultimately hold everyone more accountable for their actions. [ ]
that no-one should be accountable for their actions comes from
law; that governments must be accountable for their actions in the
members have been held accountable for their actions in those
of dog owners being held accountable for their animal’s actions,
! Fancy that, someone held accountable for their corruption. 2 ) The
parties are being held accountable for their part in this tragic
into war and hold somebody accountable for those lies. Schneider
trying to make the government accountable for various public interest
question. He also has to be accountable for violating the policy (
. You have to be held accountable for what you throw out in
want to have the person held accountable here, but that is very
, people are going to be held accountable in my administration. And I
Bono. We are looking for accountable language and accountable
the money he made with accountable legal evidence, but can only
in a more transparent or more accountable manner. By not doing so I
. If you are a worker, you are accountable not for changing that
for accountable language and accountable numbers: we didn’t get them
how open and transparent and accountable the Government is being in
resources to find and hold accountable those responsible for the
sure they hold ourselves accountable to the American people and
but with the government accountable to the first chamber. The
and to hold the governors accountable to the governed” ( NLRB v. v.
our city government must be accountable to the neighbourhoods that
bureaucrats who are n’t accountable to the people, we proposed
. 3. Make government genuinely accountable to the people. We are seeing
people and we should all be accountable to the people on a daily
sweat the details and then be accountable to their constituents.: C
unless we make it truly accountable to them, everything else
the Premier won’t hold anyone accountable we can. Appropriate
the Premier won’t hold anyone accountable we can. By Christian Dunleavy
, he said, We hold people accountable when there is abuse. We take
added. Making one general accountable would not solve the
. Yet, it mercilessly holds accountable its victims, claiming that

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