how many students it can accommodate , and UCLA campus housing is
, spiritually that we can accommodate . a representative of the
as available housing can accommodate . Contact Mrs. Irene Q. Q.
as the university can accommodate . This can include tuition,
, Kentucky welcomes and will accommodate 12 male students and 24
, KY ) The college can accommodate 20-25 students displaced by
100,000. It was built to accommodate 900 people at any one time,
. UGA is attempting to accommodate GA residents and students who
has stated that they wish to accommodate Georgia residents who were
( HI statewide ) Will accommodate HI-resident students
law should not be changed to accommodate National ‘s dilemma. Don
meeting ended early Friday to accommodate Tony Blair, who requested to
their hours of operation to accommodate a diverse array of extra
. We, also, have offered to accommodate a faculty member or student
. Centre College will accommodate a limited number of qualified
mammal family was created to accommodate a new species discovery was
this time Baylor is unable to accommodate additional freshmen, but
basis. Although we cannot accommodate additional students in our
personnel, is attempting to accommodate all students who have asked
) Announced that it would accommodate all that it could.
has determined that it can accommodate an additional 30 men and 30
offer space in their rooms to accommodate an additional student in
will make every effort to accommodate and assist students who may
qualified students as we can accommodate and will work out the details
) has announced that it will accommodate any displaced student wishing
School will attempt to accommodate any master ‘s or doctoral
( Monroe, LA ) Willing to accommodate any student who has been
) We are also offering to accommodate any students enrolled at
( Memphis, TN ) Will accommodate any students that have been
in university housing to accommodate any transfer students, and
in most majors and could accommodate approximately 100 transient
. St. John’s will strive to accommodate as many students as possible
home universities; LMU will accommodate as many students as possible
significant period of time to accommodate companies demand to test
the School of Drama also will accommodate dislocated students under
College ( York, PA ) Will accommodate displaced New Orleans
, and is exploring ways to accommodate displaced faculty and
will make every effort to accommodate displaced students,
that it that it will help accommodate displaced students from
of residence hall space to accommodate displaced students who enroll
of their education. We cannot accommodate families. For more
John Keller is working to accommodate graduate students. College of
of North Carolina will accommodate impacted students on a
basis. We will also strive to accommodate interested faculty members
were that it: *did not accommodate organizations and
and is making arrangements to accommodate others as requests are
fall. We will only be able to accommodate single students who are
of study. The university can accommodate some students in graduate
hope and expect to be able to accommodate some visiting students
Extended Studies is able to accommodate students after Sept. 7
Seminary has offered to accommodate students at New Orleans
Aug. 22, the University will accommodate students at either the Macomb
University has agreed to accommodate students displaced by
, that the UI is prepared to accommodate students displaced from
do everything possible to accommodate students from schools in the
to reopen. Our plan is to accommodate students in a program
for fall semester to accommodate students of New Orleans-area
plan to help admit and accommodate students who were enrolled in
of cases we may be able to accommodate students who wish to pursue
is currently working to accommodate students whose own
toilet seats as they need to accommodate the increasing size of
We are doing our very best to accommodate the individual needs of these
we are making every effort to accommodate the needs of each student as
go to at Guantánamo Bay to accommodate the religious practices of
session in an effort to accommodate their course needs this
hurricane, UCSD will try to accommodate their educational needs
at Tulane and Loyola to accommodate their law students as
will do everything we can to accommodate them, including providing
not deviate from our goals to accommodate them. WN: On a similar
students immediately, and can accommodate them in a University meal
in housing, and we will accommodate them with a meal plan and
to Friday, Sept. 9, to accommodate those students, both
starting classes that may accommodate those students who are unable
. GSW is prepared to accommodate transient students in upper
, CA ) Alliant will accommodate undergraduates seeking to
Katrina. The college can accommodate up to 10 students who have
and classroom space to accommodate up to 150 additional students
( Wellesley, MA ) Can accommodate up to 20 students displaced
, KY ) The university can accommodate up to 35 males and 35 females
. Loyola is able to accommodate up to 40 students, and is
. Loyola is able to accommodate up to 40 students.
, TX ) Baylor is working to accommodate upperclassmen from higher
by other languages to accommodate users in Asia, Latin America,
Alabama. We will strive to accommodate visiting students in a

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