between Asia ‘s ability to absorb , adapt and create new fusions
complex for the human mind to absorb , and is way to big to deal
thing to do. Immerse, absorb , gather all the information I
rules 4 kinds: create, absorb , join, star The paper shows
Islam is a force they want to absorb , not offend. This desire to
of ash that engines can absorb . Additionally, scientists
history does make it hard to absorb . Fortunately the city is
‘s only so much that one can absorb . Mickey proved to be one of
much of their trivia can you absorb ? The growth of ambient
, some absorb less, and some absorb a normal amount. ) The
and that a regular person can absorb a beer in an hour. In his 20
immigration. Australia could absorb a couple of million, as could
example, a pound of water can absorb a lot more heat than a pound
to new levels of skill. To absorb a new skill, the dancer must
television network that would absorb a share of the advertising,
no way a single person could absorb all of that ( even just the
Jimmy Carter was able to absorb all the lasers into his palms
as they can afford to absorb an extra cost or two where
. ) 4 ) The oceans. ( How they absorb and distribute energy drives
one will in an individual way absorb and reflect light just as
for hair to be able to absorb and retain moisture. The best
, teaching has tended to absorb and subsume each new
. Teaching has tended to absorb and subsume each new
but the resources they absorb are therefore lost to the
, I ‘ve just been trying to absorb as much as I can of the
a counter-current of SO 2 to absorb as much gas as possible (
. It takes time for people to absorb change. I hope people will
. When you ‘re trying to absorb every detail of your
their coffee cold. You just absorb every word he says, said
allows the user ‘s body to absorb extra oxygen. Jones was
amount of liquid, it will absorb far less and will certainly
, ie., that it is something we absorb from the people and ideas we
type, and hoped participants absorb good experiences from some
areas of water, which can absorb heat. Warmer temperatures
. Top layers are designed to absorb higher energy photons while
is in when he allows Smith to absorb him. The Grail is a way it
the capacity of the earth to absorb human-generated pollution. )
having mainstream politicians absorb ideas once thought to extreme
embodiment of the values you absorb in western universities. )
to collect blood instead of absorb it. The Keeper is still
in one field do not properly absorb knowledge and techniques from
fact, some absorb more, some absorb less, and some absorb a
people do not as a group absorb less serotonin than the
. It also causes the hair to absorb light, giving the appearance
are n’t made right. Pigments absorb light. DNA absorbs
light. Different gases absorb light of different
behind it, a thin gas will absorb light of the same wavelengths
ways ), which is supposed to absorb losses should the loan assets
producers lack the capital to absorb losses without significant
corn to control odor better, absorb moister faster, clump tighter
population””in fact, some absorb more, some absorb less, and
by humans. As the oceans absorb more of the gas, the water
in doses as the body does not absorb more than a set amount of
suggested that immigrants absorb more than their share of aid
access to the good stuff or absorb much higher costs for it, so
Black is used to absorb negativity, remove obstacles,
task to assimilate and absorb new information and then
says use baking soda to absorb odor, but that never worked
a particular power. Candles absorb one ‘s personal energy and
porosity will not be able to absorb or retain moisture as well as
‘s capacity to regenerate and absorb our wastes. If we do not, we
solar atmosphere would only absorb passing photons of light if
that have almost no weight to absorb recoil. Again, larger
credit protection to absorb significant losses as the U.
be in school where they *may* absorb some education, even in spite
called the photosphere absorb some of the continuous light
the frequency of the source absorb some of the energy. The
have an atmosphere, it might absorb some wavelengths more than
terminus. An attempt to absorb the Great Western and thus
that the Grand Trunk should absorb the St Lawrence road and
new Star Wars films will absorb the basic idea that the most
Spirit”s way of helping us absorb the benefit of the words.
Martin about leaving me to absorb the blame. That is pure
, in effect leaving her to absorb the blame. This is a
are naturally better able to absorb the cost than small ones. And
a mud bath the mud will absorb the dirt already accumulated
by allowing your allies absorb the enemy ‘s initial blows.
that society ‘s ability to absorb the impact is greatly
are present, but just do n’t absorb the light. The chemical
entails ) so we have to absorb the loss. I am not trying to
time to thoroughly read and absorb the many books, articles and
. But, after I read it, and I absorb the notions and integrate
state, the hydrogen atom will absorb the photon and hop up to the
per bag, retailers often absorb the price of bags into the
of material that does not absorb the ray ‘s energy. The story
take some time for him to absorb the result. The 13-year
, they ‘re BIGGER, and can absorb the risk more easily. More
is properous and well able to absorb the same language group. This
looking to the market to absorb the speculative surplus, but,
would still have to absorb the transaction costs of
10 % of economic growth, to absorb the urbanization, and to
country is that its able to absorb these little non-issues and
baby to adopt, can afford to absorb this hypothetical surplus, or
sure the ROK–or China–could absorb those people right now. It
to produce resources and absorb wastes ). The total supply of
and the ad agencies will absorb you open source consultants

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