Robert ‘s temporary leave of absence is n’t enough. Related
on the broadcast. During his absence , Charles Gibson and Elizabeth
into one. In Tendulkar ‘s absence , Rahul Dravid opened the
due to the defendants absence , but a guilty verdict could
wish to continue talks in his absence , he is currently on his way
the prime minister ‘s absence , saying it does n’t mean a
work is due on the day of the absence , the work must be e-mailed to
, and they suffered for my absence . Robinson, who coached
two seasons, despite his absence . A spokesperson for Mock the
, following Todd ‘s unexpected absence . According to GMP, the chief
home from Cuba on a leave of absence . After 76 days, James Yee was
up for the other unionists absence . And I ‘ve also been told
to notify the speaker of his absence . Despite appealing the
blessing in the Pope ‘s absence . He also read a message
as Japanese after 48 years absence . Incidentally, preceded
hearing goes ahead in your absence . Many detainees have been
done in the jury ‘s absence . The ruling means that
the trial to continue in his absence . The start date has been
parliamentary speaker of his absence . Under Vanuatu law, since he
the singer’s conspicuous absence at the scheduled 8:30 a. a. m
the government, a leave of absence for the districts of
the former ‘s several-decade absence from Canada in 2000 to 2005
addition I am on a leave of absence from my position with Ontario
, and after a long period of absence from politics he won the
. Despite its decade-long absence from public availability,
I am an unpaid leave of absence from the City of Toronto.
will return after a 112-year absence from the Games; the sport was
position on the bill and his absence from the chamber, and praised
often been criticized for her absence from the district she
pundit John McCririck for his absence from the service. Robin Cook
to impress after his extended absence from the team. Lille made two
contributed to the washer ‘s absence going undetected. As part of
their visas denied. Their absence has been a cause of hurt
must let me know about the absence in advance. Prolonged
public domain material by its absence in government databases. A
, ending Mercedes 55 year absence in the sport as a sole team.
possible danger now was the absence of political will to fix
outbreak. They point to the absence of Salmonella on all of the
was functioning during the absence of Vice President Bush whom
but he made sure that, in the absence of Virender Sehwag and
of the E-Inquiry. The absence of a US government sponsored
last weekend. In the absence of a budget, the governor has
de-facto independence in the absence of a central government
criticised the draft text for absence of a certain temperature
of the crisis was the absence of a comprehensive Middle
. This decision came from the absence of a decision of the Pope in
but also tragically, an absence of a plan for evacuating
to existing homes, and the absence of a traffic study to assess
Association about the absence of adequate data on the
uninsured. The near total absence of adequate health care in
concern is over the complete absence of air traffic controllers at
may be linked to the absence of anti-American Shiite
problems – being the absence of any access roads to the
response as evidenced by the absence of any correspondence from
judgement added that the absence of any obligation on the part
was characterised by the absence of any parents of dead
is an embarrassment. In the absence of any real reasons to go
against Iran despite the absence of any real threat from Iran,
to Suleyman, is the complete absence of any regular border
the news. This is due to the absence of any surprises
to this License and to the absence of any warranty; and give any
election despite the absence of appropriate conditions for
not impose any penalty in the absence of awareness that the
. Whether the five-day partial absence of censorship ( with
treaty ) and expresses the absence of confidence that Iran ‘s
Discrimination Act in the absence of direct evidence * that no
, while the PLP suffer from an absence of diverse opinion and
distributed networks is the absence of external or hierarchical
country. Source * * With an absence of fanfare, the foodstuffs
by about 0.5 oC. In the absence of global dimming, however,
anti-body-free signifying absence of illness in affected humans
significant pay hikes in the absence of long overdue reforms to
properly sealed, and the absence of opposition representatives
and rescue personnel was the absence of personal identification
Minister recognized that the absence of police and military forces
‘s dream. She deplored the absence of proposals to use intercept
. But racial quiet in the absence of racial justice is to allow
of the judicial officers and absence of real system of justice at
is protecting Libby. In the absence of road blocks to testifying
to meet in Kenya how much the absence of so many Friends was felt;
this event. Due to the absence of some professional runners,
the use of force. In the absence of such a resolution, he
previous years and the absence of support from Honda. The
, does not identify why the absence of the chemokine receptor in
similar, so in the absence of the facts and
weapons in North Korea. The absence of the waiver could have led
provide assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear
, following Todd ‘s unexpected absence on a. a. According to Greater
Pietersen commented on Lee’s absence saying it was a huge, huge,
on the world stage. Your absence sends a message that you do
that dealing with Tori ‘s absence since April 8 has resulted in
get up to 10 days leave of absence spouses/dependants now
move into another gear. In my absence the UBP has stepped up their
? Pleasure from power and the absence thereof?: J M: It ‘s all of
staff decision was made in my absence to destroy any emails we had.
a signed explanation for his absence to the speaker. The last time
grade for each additional absence unless you have discussed
members and covered their absence while they were in terror

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