supposed lower cognitive ability , and that it was not valid to
both in differences in ability more men can swim and
even diminished its reporting ability . CNN treated the story as a
in March will have such an ability . However, there are some that
come that we exercise that ability . We do n’t need another $200
United States has both the ability and will to preempt or
could be in the millions. The ability exists, Tice stated, to track
of new instrumentation, the ability of Hubble science to engage
truce is a shaky peace. The ability of President Abbas to exert
of creativity, knowledge, and ability of a youth who intends to
, and that finances limit the ability of administrators to offer
rats that may depend on the ability of cannabinoids to promote
Turing model for testing the ability of humans to recognize
is intended to improve the ability of intelligence services and
outlaw some protests. * The ability of judges to make decisions
I fully support improving the ability of our men and women in the
in part: The increasing ability of people in most parts of
upon the as-yet-unknown ability of schools, colleges, and
the bill. They included the ability of the NT government and
seems to cast doubts on the ability of the US to live up to its
hard disk drives beyond the ability of the auto-correction to
safety measures include the ability of the craft to glide down in
immediately repatriated the ability of the owners to get them
that the adolescent cognitive ability rationale was unprecedented
. Vultures have shown an ability to adapt to residential and
grant internet users the ability to add and create content to
will work to the best of its ability to admit him or her for the
perfect accents. His ability to affect a near-perfect
reproduction rate and their ability to attach themselves in
that Ireland had lost its ability to attract high-value
this further enhances our ability to attract new listings. We
includes spell checking, the ability to automatically fill in
. Along the same lines are the ability to automatically find Weather
capital. Despite whales ability to breathe out of water,
Post also cites SBS ‘s ability to circumvent the U. U. S.
a significant impact on their ability to conduct research, and even
customers in 14 states the ability to connect directly to
hampering telemarketer ability to contact potential
most of the Chechnya, his ability to control Chechen warlords
vastly overestimated their ability to convey a tune by tapping
the Underground system. The ability to crack the code the
.; Today on en. w ikipedia the ability to create new pages has been
by users and stopped the ability to create new user chat rooms
a nuclear Iran. We have the ability to deal with this and we’re
that boost the body ‘s ability to destroy tumors. South
giving another people the ability to destroy us as if we
were still limiting the ability to develop any capability.
that the regime not have the ability to develop nuclear weapons.
can and I know that I have an ability to do something. I ‘m out for
seen that the virus has the ability to do this. But it ‘s
optimism about Opportunity ‘s ability to drive out of this dune,
Act, without weakening our ability to fight terror, and they
rise of our deficit and our ability to finance it appears to
of engine failure and the ability to float on water, both of
are really quite vital to our ability to function in the higher
background for their ability to get along with each other
, demonstrating al-Zawahri ‘s ability to get his message out even
, teaching the game, and ability to get the most from players,
LIWA did and it was their ability to go through massive amounts
in the Administration ‘s ability to handle a natural disaster.
had lost faith in Labour ‘s ability to handle the economy. The
Bergenheim said, Jill ‘s ability to help others understand the
to replicate rapidly and its ability to infect the
commanders with the ability to inform the Iraqi public
help boost sales. This ability to introduce millions of
take a call and offers the ability to listen to music while
outside of the flood zone or ability to locate on floors elevated
if that state has lost the ability to maintain order. Loosening
52 % do not feel Bush has the ability to make good decisions in a
grievances. HREOC has the ability to make recommendations only,
and congratulated him for his ability to manage the crisis and
‘s classroom capacity and ability to meet the student ‘s
for admission and its ability to meet the student’s housing
much, and I was in awe of his ability to move from being a soldier
and the country ‘s ability to outsource work. The ICE
strain has not evolved the ability to pass directly from human
need rather than a patient ‘s ability to pay. The Canadian Medical
world opinion and diminished ability to persuade of the United
her business by altering her ability to provide accurate
would seriously impact its ability to raise funds. Related
undermine a President ‘s ability to receive candid counsel.
has shown a resilience and ability to regenerate. Sources
that if you have the ability to repay some of your debt,
two properties of H5N1; its ability to replicate rapidly and its
would still retain the ability to rule on that question.
and many others. Wesnoth ‘s ability to run on Unix and Linux, Mac
Autumn, version 1.0 adds the ability to search PDFs,
breathe, and then lost his ability to speak last week. On
ratings, reviews, and the ability to tag audio content, or view
and concluded: We have the ability to take him out, and I think
and will also have the ability to tap new opportunities in
. Travers states that Lucas ability to turn, flesh-and-blood
better regulation of their ability to use the civilian reactor
to take the EU reactor, their ability to use the reactor would be
depriving Americans of their ability to vote. But now that the RNC
massive concrete structure ‘s ability to withstand the timed and

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